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January 2018

Countdown to 2018 ICPA Annual Conference - San Diego

As members of ICPA, we're excited to once again join fellow trade professionals from around the world at the upcoming ICPA conference in sunny San Diego, California on March 11th - 14th, 2018. If you aren't familiar with ICPA, ICPA stands for International Compliance Professionals Association. From the humble beginnings ...

December 2017
October 2017

HTS Code Classification Frequently Asked Questions

HTS Code Classification Frequently Asked Questions What is an HS code or Harmonized System code? An HTSUS commodity code or harmonized commodity code is an internationally standardized code assigned to a product and maintained by the World Customs Organization. Almost all countries use HS codes to determine tariff classification and ...

What is a Customs Broker? What can a customs broker do for my business?

Strix will explore how a Licensed Customs Broker plays an important role in facilitating the entry, clearance, and movement of imported goods into the United States. We’ll also provide insights in what a customs broker can do for you and your importing needs. The Basics. What is a Customs Broker? ...

September 2017

Importing Into the US from Alibaba

Strix explains the importing process from Alibaba and provides the necessary information for your importing needs when importing from China.