Informed Compliance to Enforced Compliance [Webinar]


Reduce Your Supply Chain Risk in an Increasingly Complex World  

Join our friends at 3rdWave and our very own Gregg Cummings as they discuss how trade compliance will assist you in navigating the increasingly turbulent regulatory customs and PGA environment. 

Some topics you DON'T want to miss in the webinar: 

- ACE: with access to more in-depth data, CBP can accurately target mistakes and inconsistencies in an importer's entry data. This results in greater scrutiny by Customs Import Specialists during the liquidation process. So, the first thing that comes out of greater scrutiny are emails, phone calls, Requests for Information (CF-28), and Notices of Action (CF-29)

- Reasons you might receive a CF-28 & CF-29 

- What is a CF-28?

- What is a CF-29?

- Tips from the experts if you do receive a CF-28 or CF-29

- How to use technology to organize and optimize data you are already taking care of - thus greatly increasing compliance while reducing data entry costs, especially through self-filing or directed brokerage. 

- And more! 

Check out the webinar below

Importers who automate complex PGA data to self-file or push to the broker, experience best practice for their program. Automation reduces mistakes. Automation standardizes your entry process. Automation dramatically reduces time. Automation provides entry filing options. 

To learn more about how you can automate your processes to help reduce costs and increase compliance, please contact us today.