[Webinar] New Tariffs on Chinese Imports: Section 232 & 301

A review of the new tariffs on imports from China and the current Customs environment of 'Informed Compliance' to 'Enforced Compliance'. 

In the importing and exporting world, we live in some uncertain times. With the tariffs yet to be finalized and a trade war looming, we thought it would be helpful discuss the new tariffs going into effect, the current customs compliance environment and provide some useful tools for importers.

TRG in partnership with Strix presents this webinar featuring Strix Managing Partner, Gregg Cummings LCB, CCS. Nick Esposito from TRG, Gregg and Tanner Jackson aim to clarify the tariffs on imports from China as well as those imposed on steel and aluminum. The presentation also includes an HTSUS code lookup tool that allows you to quickly see if your goods may be subject to the Section 301 tariffs. To download this tool, see the download link at the bottom of this post.

Topics discussed: 

  • Importer Security Filing (ISF) in Today’s Enforced Environment
  • The Current Administrations Changes on Import Tariffs
  • Section 232: Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum
  • Section 301: Tariffs on Chinese Imports
  • How This Affects Your Customs Bond
  • What Can You Do?

HTSUS Code Lookup Tool From Trade Risk Guaranty 

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