5 Reasons Why Importers Should Self-File Importer Security Filing (ISF) | Strix, LLC

Mar 24, 2023

Did you know that every importer has the right to self-file their ISF without a licensed broker on staff? Save your business time and money (up to 70% annually!) by self-filing your ISF entries. By automating this process in-house, businesses can also better ensure compliance and reduce the time spent on filing.


Self-filing ISF provides a smooth customs process and, most importantly, compliance. This is a must for any importer concerned with timeliness and accuracy. By maintaining this process in-house, you also gain full visibility to data remotely at any time, garner access to up-to-date information and receive notifications alerting you to any potential errors.

Reduced Costs

Save money normally spent on third-party filing services to the tune of 70% annually. By completing the ISF data filing yourself, you also reduce inaccurate filings and increase your compliance rating. This helps ensure that your customs clearances meet deadlines and regulations, and thus, avoid costly fees and penalties.

Time Savings

No one knows your business and commodities better than you do. Stop taking precious time away from running your business, going back and forth with a third party trying to relay the correct information.  Self-filing provides a quick and simple solution to inputting and transmitting accurate data.

Tracking Shipments

When self-filing, you can track shipments in real-time, giving importers quick access to shipping status through the cargo manifest query (CMQ). This process cuts out paperwork delays and allows your staff members to update filing information as needed.

Amend Your ISF Data

Mistakes happen. With self-filing, you can easily change any incorrect data entry to ensure compliance and avoid delays and penalties. When the importer is in control it creates a simple process to amend your filings when needed.

Strix Software

Our ACE-Certified ABI software was designed with customers in mind. Our goal was simple: to create a process that ensures compliance and saves your business time and money. Our software can help save you $25 per ISF entry. We also know that even the best software is only as good as the team behind it. From our home base in Bozeman, Montana our team of experienced licensed customs brokers has worked with businesses from all over the country and through every situation imaginable. We can help guide you through even the most complicated shipments.

The Strix Difference

Self Filing Software

Innovative software as a service (Saas) provider offering state-of-the-art self-filing software for easily completing your customs responsibilities.

Brokerage Services

Full-service Customs House Broker and Certified ACE vendor for all entry forms and customs compliancy documentation. Guide importers to succeed in the global marketplace through nationwide customs clearance, importer security filing, and classification services.


Guide companies and individuals for fast and seamless clearance of goods entering the US. Customer service centric, technology-focused, and ready to help customers pass their goods to the US.

Strix Your Way

Place your shipping containers, freight, and valuable cargo in good hands with Strix. Whether you decide to file using leading technology or partner with a customs house broker to do the entry forms for you, we take your possessions seriously.