Self-Filing Cloud Software

Cost. Compliance. Control. Making your US imports and customs clearance responsibilities seamless!

The entry forms process just got easier, with Strix self-filing software.

What To Expect

Cloud-Based Solution

Efficient cloud-based solutions for US imports including customs clearance filing, data access, and Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) updates.

Web Services

Solid application programming interface (API) for rapid, real-time, and accurate information about your merchandise and goods imports, as you need it.


Easy automated electronic submission process for your customs entry process, helping meet compliancy, reduce expenses, and maintain consistency.

Web-Based Filing

Innovative web-based Importer Security Filing (ISF) with Strix ABI software for cost savings, increased compliancy, and added control.


Accomplished training program to guide you with the Strix self-filing system for the clearance of your US imported goods, at no added cost.

Customer Service

Skilled Strix customer service technicians are standing by daily to respond to self-filing software submission or US customs questions.

How ISF Self-Filing Works

What Is ISF Filing

  • Importer Security Filing (ISF) is a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation that requires importers and vessel carriers to provide CBP with electronic data for US in-bound ocean shipments. This helps to ensure the safety of America's borders.
  • Customs has enforced ISF submissions since July 2013. Importers that do not file their ISF 24 hours prior to cargo being loaded on a vessel destined to the US face potential fines of up to $5,000 for each infraction.
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ISF Requirements

  • ISF form requirements by US importers
  • Ship to Name and Address
  • Importer of Record
  • Consignee
  • 6-Digit Commodity (HTS)
  • Manufacturer Name and Address
  • Seller Name and Address
  • Container Stuffing Location
  • Consolidator Name and Address
  • Buyer Name and Address
  • Goods Country of Origin
  • A carrier is responsible for providing a vessel stow plan and container status message data.
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7 Reasons to Self-File

The ISF self-filing process is an efficient way to import cargo

  1. 1. Compliancy-increase compliancy ratings by doing your own work
  2. 2. Consistency-imported items tracking for tariffs, value, origin, quantity, and FTAs
  3. 3. Visibility-cloud technology for supply chain control
  4. 4. Relations-improved relationships with vendors
  5. 5. Product Knowledge-helps simplify the filing process
  6. 6. Reduce Expenses-a cost conscious solution
  7. 7. Control-self-filing places you in control

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Strix Self-Filing Options

ISF Compliancy

Our Licensed Customs Brokerage team will teach you how to Self-File your Importer Security Filing (ISF) for your Company and/or affiliates, as required by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in an accurate time efficient manner. We will also provide at no cost, full Customer Service to answer your questions on these processes so you never fly alone!

Entry Compliancy

Our Licensed Customs brokerage team will teach you how to classify your goods, Self-File your US Customs Entry for your Company as required by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and complete the Delivery Order to ensure your goods arrive at their final destination. We will also provide at no cost, full Customer Service to answer your questions on these processes so you never fly alone!

Section 321 Compliancy

Allow our brokers to simplify your Section 321 US shipment of goods under $800 to clear through the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with an Entry type 86.

The Strix Difference

Self Filing Software

Innovative software as a service (Saas) provider offering state-of-the-art self-filing software for easily completing your customs responsibilities.

Brokerage Services

Full-service Customs House Broker and Certified ACE vendor for all entry forms and customs compliancy documentation. Guide importers to succeed in the global marketplace through nationwide customs clearance, importer security filing, and classification services.


Guide companies and individuals for fast and seamless clearance of goods entering the US. Customer service centric, technology-focused, and ready to help customers pass their goods to the US.

Strix Your Way

Place your shipping containers, freight, and valuable cargo in good hands with Strix. Whether you decide to file using leading technology or partner with a customs house broker to do the entry forms for you, we take your possessions seriously.