Automated Self-Filing: Embracing The Modern Age of Trade Compliance [Webinar]

Webinar Overview

Every organization has its own specific areas of focus, such as improving efficiency, enhancing care standards, cost reduction, or effectively managing ISFs to avoid penalties from the CBP. Amidst various strategies, the concept of self-filing stands out as highly advantageous, providing significant value to the organization. We acknowledge that transitioning to complete self-filing might be daunting for some. To address this, we will also explore the concept of "Automated Brokerage" – an initial step toward full automated self-filing that brings immediate advantages.

Join Stix and 3rdwave for a discussion with Gregg Cummings, CEO and Founder of Strix. Strix, an ABI platform and partner of 3rdwave, facilitates companies in progressing from full-service brokerage to self-filing within a matter of weeks. The conversation will cover essential aspects of the evolving customs landscape and the pivotal role of advanced technological solutions. We will also delve into how the synergistic partnership between 3rdwave and Strix results in award-winning client solutions. This webinar is designed to equip your organization with vital knowledge and tools, empowering you to confidently navigate the dynamic customs environment of today.


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Innovative software as a service (Saas) provider offering state-of-the-art self-filing software for easily completing your customs responsibilities.

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Full-service Customs House Broker and Certified ACE vendor for all entry forms and customs compliancy documentation. Guide importers to succeed in the global marketplace through nationwide customs clearance, importer security filing, and classification services.


Guide companies and individuals for fast and seamless clearance of goods entering the US. Customer service centric, technology-focused, and ready to help customers pass their goods to the US.

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Place your shipping containers, freight, and valuable cargo in good hands with Strix. Whether you decide to file using leading technology or partner with a customs house broker to do the entry forms for you, we take your possessions seriously.